Aedit is an academic spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna,  founded in 2001.
The company’s core business is the assistance of the public and private sectors in environmental matters that deal with sustainable agriculture. Aedit focuses on the development of ICT tools applied to manage monitoring networks in agricultural and environmental sectors, the elaboration of Decision Support System for farmers and local authorities, the implementation of Geographical Information System and web-based databases, and the research in the agriculture, urban and forestry sectors for sustainable management practices.
Aedit collaborates with national and European research institutions and has participated at EU funded projects to provide ICT support and integration between the research in agriculture and the development of software tools. Aedit software development can support the monitoring activities, management of agro-meteorological data and irrigation requirements, phenological observations, crop quality analysis, and online management of pest and disease.