LeveSeeding – Transforming organic seed systems LiveSeeding is an Innovation Action on organic seed and plant breeding to accelerate sustainable and diverse food systems in Europe. LiveSeeding provides science-based evidence and best practice solutions to help achieve 100% organic seed. To deliver on such an ambitious goal, LiveSeeding brings together 37 organisations from a wide […]


ATLAS – Agricultural interoperability and analysis system. The goal of ATLAS (Horizon H2020 project) is to achieve a new level of interoperability of agricultural machines, sensors and data services. AEDIT, as one of the winners of the ATLAS 2nd Open Call within the challenge “weed and pest control”, developed DIGI-PEST (Digital tool for pest monitoring […]


FAIRshare (Farm Advisory Digital Innovation Tools Realised and Shared) project is aimed at supporting farm advisors to use Digital Advisory Tools and Services (DATS) to increase the productivity and the sustainability of agriculture. AEDIT, as partner of FAIRshare, is the leader of the User Case “Tuscany Living Lab to support a wider adoption of sustainable […]


Olivicoltura Sostenibile nelle colline mAREmmane Sustainable olive growing in Maremma hills Development of: (i) a smartphone app for guiding olive growers in participatory monitoring of olive fruit fly infestation in olive groves, (ii) a Decision Support System to help farmers and advisors in implementing integrated pest management strategies for olive fruit fly and in optimizing […]


Consorzio olio di Seggiano e incremento produzione di qualità: un modello di olivicoltura che nasce dal confronto coltivato vs abbandono Consorzio olio di Seggiano and increasing the quality of production: a model of olive growing from the comparison between cultivated and abandoned Development of: (i) a smartphone app for guiding olive growers in participatory monitoring […]


Ecocompatibilità e sostenibilità ambientale del processo produttivo di Olio extravergine di oliva ai fini della valorizzazione del prodotto della commercializzazione e del marketing territoriale Eco-compatibility and environmental sustainability of the production process of extra virgin olive oil for the purpose of enhancing the product for commercialization and territorial marketing Development of: (i) a smartphone app […]


Applicazione di nuove Strategie e tecniche Innovative in OLivicoltura BIologica in Provincia di Siena  (PSR 2014 – 2020 Regione Toscana, SottoMisura 16.2   – PIF Un filo d’oro – Valorisation of POD  extra virgin olive oil Terre di Siena and PIG  Toscano in Siena province). AEDIT is in charge of developing smart agriculture technologies: the website […]

Precision sheep

Agricoltura di precisione e qualità del latte ovino (PSR 2014 – 2020 Regione Toscana, SottoMisura 16.1 e 16.2). AEDIT is in charge of developing a Decision Support System and an app to deliver and spread precision farming and precision feeding techniques for assisting technicians and sheep farmers of south-central of Tuscany region. Fonte di finanziamento: […]


Participation at a EU backed project on water resource management in Mauritania. Aedit was in charge for geographical database and web GIS implementation and development of Project Web Portal.


ACARISS project – Increasing the knowledge on environment and pollution risks involving schools in experimental activities – was aimed to make science learning more enjoyable and creating a link between schools and researchers. Aedit, as subcontractor of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, has developed the web -site and the system to exchange data, ideas and experiments.

Raeevolution tools

AEDIT developed a suite of applications to manage different aspect of the waste management: register of material loaded and unloaded, management of the “Uno contro uno” and “Uno contro zero”, management of the manufacturer.


Development of  a database and website to allow the Collective Schemas to manage all the logistic information of the WEEE: from the collection request up to the final destination.


In collaboration with Agriconsulting Aedit developed an institutional website for the climate change mitigation and adaptation in 9 South Mediterranean countries.


Creation of a geo-database and WebGIS to support the monitoring of  “Enhanced Livelihoods in the Mandera Triangle” (Kenya, Somalia Ethiopia) USAID founded project; designing of a geo-database to collect data about agro-pastoral systems.

SMS for olive fruit fly management

Editing and sending sms on olive fruit fly infestation based on monitoring activity to farmers of Marche Region.


Development of the website and document database for the LIFE program project “DEMETRA” with the aim of defining an innovative methodology for the assessment of risks linked with the presence of transgenic crops.


The aim of CLARINO was to provide an overview at regional level (Tuscany) of the climate change impacts for the next few decades on agriculture, forestry and zootechny. The economic evaluation of the costs that the community have to support to offset these impacts was carried out.

Canale Lunense

Development of a Geographical Information System for land evaluation and cadastrial data management for “Consorzio di Bonifica ed Irrigazione del Canale Lunense” (Drainage and Irrigation Consortium) – La Spezia (Italy).


Development of a Web-based Geographical Information System in the Project “Serial WellFir”, financed by European Union LIFE Programe. Development of a monitoring network of water quality.


Decision Support System for farmers to estimate water requirements for the most important crop in Tuscany. The DSS is based on a meteorological data set and on crop phenological and physiological parameters.  


Development of an online multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning for Livorno province (Italy).


webGIS for Calci municipality


AgriCLASS – Agricultural Climate Advisory Services – project aims to investigate the impact of climate change on three permanent agricultural industries: olives, viticulture, forestry.

Marte+ wireless sensor network in vineyard

Support in modelling pest and disease in vineyard and phenological and ripening development to be integrated in a wireless sensor network in vineyard. The project has been funded by the Italy-France maritime cooperation transfrontalier “Marittime”

Scarlino groundwater remediation webGIS

Development of a webGIS to support a groundwater remediation activities in Scarlino area (Grosseto, Italy)


Decision Support System for area-wide integrated pest management based on modular applications adopting FIWARE technologies.

Interreg – Sigma

Development of a trans-national web information system to support crop pest monitoring networks in the EU Program Interreg IIIA Italy-Slovenia, within the frame of Interreg Project SIGMA.

SIMA – Liguria Region

Development of the Liguria Region system to support agro-meteorological monitoring and olive and grape monitoring; statistical analysis of crop and pest data; development of Decision Support Systems.


Development of a web platform to monitor pests about several crops: corn, tomato, cotton, grape…


Development of Demeriva – a web information system to validate and rebuild agro-meteorological data for Abruzzi Region.

SRDPO – Stregthening Regional Development Planning In Oromia Region – Ethiopia

Developing a regional geodatabase to support Oromia Region Finance Bureau in elaborating socio-economical data within the Italian cooperation Project SRDPO: “Strenghtening Regional Development Planning in Oromia Region – Ethiopia

Friuli Region – Less Favoured Areas (LFA) RDP – Measure

Creation of a Geographical Information System to determinate the amount of aid to farmers in Less Favoured Areas (LFA) for Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) Rural Development Programme integrating terrain, cadastrial, weather and road network data.

Hydrological service geo-spatial infrastructure

Development of spatial data analysis batch procedures to analyze the monitored data, integrate with the hydrological modeling, visualize the data using webGIS.

Endure – European Network of Excellence for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies

Aedit, as subcontractor of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in the Project Endure (European Network of Excellence for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies), has developed a web based system to exchange data with other Crop Protection organisations and was a member of Endure technical task force to integrate Endure web applications.    

Tuscany Region Phytosanitary Service Management System

Developing the Geographical Information system for the Tuscany Region Phytosanitary Service to monitoring and control the quarantine pests. The system allows the management of the monitoring networks, the visualization of the monitored data through a webGIS and several elaboration tools to support the authorities to development the control and eradication plans.


Provision of information systems, statistical processing and related services to olive tree and grape phenological and disease monitoring. Developing of Decision Support System integrating GIS, simulation models and monitoring network for Tuscany Regional Agency for development and innovation in agriculture and forestry.